Pathross Dzigns are handmade to impress, and they certainly do just that.

Handwoven, Crocheted Basket in a Variety of Colors and Yarns


When your handmade article arrives, you know that you’ve tapped into the extraordinary creativity of someone who has set her heart on crafting something special, just the way you want it. Each article is made especially with you in mind.

Handmade, Crocheted Baskets

Our baskets are very personal because they are crafted to your specifications. In the ordering process, you select the color, texture and pattern; then, we hand-crochet it to your choices. We keep no inventory – we make it when you order it, not by machine and not with a factory of 800 foreigner workers, but one item at a time, customized just for you. More Information about Our Handmade Crocheted (Custom-made) Baskets

Pathross Dzigns offers a wide range of yarns from all over the world from which to choose, to have the article made just the way you like it. As each item is created when you order, you can count on it being one of a kind as you choose the design and yarn. Pathross Dzigns does not keep an inventory of items as we believe that no item is truly yours unless YOU combine the design with the yarn. We don’t make it until you order it. At that point, you can look forward to something you know that only you will possess and is truly you.

As you browse through our collection, you will see we create accessories that fit most occasions and weather conditions. We have scarves that are warm enough for cold winters and others that are light to ward off summer chill.

Handwoven, Crocheted Beanie Hat


Handmade, Crocheted Hats, Beanies and Berets

Our custom-made, hand-crafted hats, beanies and berets can be used in any season as you choose the type of yarn you like to suit your purpose. For beanies, choose from basketweave, cluster beanie, a ribbed beanie or a “slouchy” beanie. Hats are hand-crocheted as berets or, if you prefer, a floppy sunhat. Have some fun: Check out our handmade hats, beanies and berets here.

How About a Hand-Crocheted, Handmade Pair of Gloves or Mittens

Hand-woven, crocheted mittens

Hand-woven, crocheted mittens

Feel the warmth on a cold, wintry day with a pair of hand-crafted, hand-woven crocheted gloves or mittens. See more details  about our hand-crocheted mittens and gloves here.

Crocheted, Hand-made Tote Bags

Hand-crocheted tote bag

Red and cream hand-woven, crocheted tote bag

Hand-woven from the finest yarns and in a gorgeous selection of colors and patterns, our totes are great for every day shopping, meetings and trips to the lake. Check out our hand-crocheted tote bag selection now.

Hand-crocheted Washcloths

Multi-colored wash cloth

Multi-colored wash cloth

Looking for housewarming gift or just a little something to say thank you to a friend? Our hand-made, crocheted washcloths will fill the bill. We offer them in our “Just For Fun” section. Again, no inventory; we make it when we receive your order. Find out more about our hand-crocheted washcloths.

Hand-woven Beverage and Can Cozies

Blue-green beverage cozyOnce upon a time, someone’s can of soda sweated and left a ring of water on the table. And then along came PathrossDzigns’ hand-crocheted beverage and can cozy (you might call it a koozie or a coolie!) and, problem solved! Check out our handmade, crocheted can cozies.

Handwoven, Crocheted Winter Scarf

Handmade, Crocheted Scarves

Hand-made, Crocheted Scarves

The scarves can be elegant accessories or casual wear, depending on your choices of color, yard and texture. And, like most PathrossDzigns products, they are wearable fiber art and they make wonderful gifts for birthdays, brides, etc. See more details about our Crocheted, Hand-crafted Scarves.

Great Gifts

Our packaging is such that when your item arrives, it is ready to present to the recipient as a custom-made, hand-crocheted gift.

We give particular attention to detail, making sure that all products look professional.

As a gift, your Pathross Dzigns handmade scarf, handmade gloves or other handmade article conveys a personal touch: It’s like giving flowers from your backyard or handwriting a note. It’s more personal than what you might pick off the shelf, from among 50 identical items, at the local department or discount store.

Wearable Art

Our gloves, hats and beanies are wearable fiber art. You’ll feel like you’re a model displaying the latest most artistic fashions.

Whether your hand-crafted article is a pair of mittens, a basket, scarf, hat or simple washcloth or beverage cozy, you know it’s special and crafted just the way you like it.

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I look forward to creating a handmade article just for you!

Dzignly yours,